SBC Week 2

WEEK 2: Comments & Connections

Written expression is just one way that we can share our thoughts, feelings, and creativity with others. The Student Blogging Challenge allows us to share our work not only with our class but with our peers around the world!
Week 2 of the SBC encourages us to make connections with the other participants of the challenge by using the comment section.

Task 1: Quality Comment Expectations Video or Poster

This week our first task we will:

  1. create a video or poster to add to our blogs about how visitors should leave quality comments on your blog
  2. turn in your video or poster to #013
  3. (once approved) add your video or poster as both a post & page about how you’d like visitors to leave quality comments on your blog
  4. Optional: Submit your task using this Week 2 Google Form.

Be sure to give credit to the Student Blogging Challenge and Mrs. Yollis’ class for where we learned how to write quality comments.

Task 2: Leaving Quality Comments

Visit and leave quality comments on at least 4 blogs this week from SBC Challenge!

Looking for a blog to comment on? Use these links to help:

  1. Check out the SBC 2018 Student Participant list to find students with similar interests.
  2. Check out the Week 1 Tasks Google Sheet. All these students have started the challenge.
  3. Check out the SBC 2018 Class Blog List. These are classes who are participating in the challenge. Some students will have their own blogs, some won’t.
  4. Mrs. Yollis has visited and commented on our class blog, maybe visit the blog of her third graders.
  5. The classes of Mrs. Calhoun and Ms. Warnick have also visited our class blog. Check out their class and student blogs.

Task 3: Sharing Interesting Blogs

In the comment section of this post, give a SHOUT OUT to one or two students whose blogs you visited and left comments on. Sharing these blogs will encourage your classmates to build connections with these students/classes as well.

Your comment on THIS POST should:

  • follow quality comment guidelines
  • include a shout out to the specific student’s blog you visited
  • include one reason why your classmates should visit this blog
  • The URL to the blog, post, or page you commented on


Check out the rest of the SBC Week 2 post for other cool ideas for tasks to complete this week.

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