3/29 Flocab Shout-Out Contest!

6th graders, want to enter this week’s Flocab Shout-Out contest? We will enter our school for each entry that is created. Entries for this week’s post are due no later than 8am on Thursday, April 8. You can share your entry in a few ways:

  1. Email your response to the prompt to your social studies teacher directly.
  2. Create a blog post sharing your response to the prompt! Add a link your post as a comment on this blog post. (Please ask your LA teacher to publish your response by 8am on the due date.)
  3. Leave a quality comment directly on this post with your response to the prompt.

3/29/19 PROMPT: If you could create a new law, what would it be? Be sure to explain your choice! 

Our School’s NCAA Bracket Challenge

One popular sporting event in our neck of the woods is the NCAA basketball tournament known as March Madness. This is a tournament where 64 teams meet head to head! Our middle school is having a friendly challenge to see which student or teacher can correctly predict the most winners of these games.

Students can check out the up to date stats of the tournament by visiting our Student Council Blog post about the NCAA Bracket Challenge. (Unfortunately, only students from our school will have access to this particular Google Sheet because of privacy settings.)

Does your school have any fun traditions? Is there a tradition or fun contest you wish they would offer? We’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

12019 / Pixabay