Giving Credit to Media Sources

The use of images, videos, sound effects, and music can enhance really your blog posts! However, just because media is on Google – doesn’t mean it’s free! Here is a list of sources of resources that the creators have given permission for students to use if the sources are credited accurately! Each has slightly different rules about attribution or credit.

The sites with a * may be blocked while at school, but you should be able to access outside of school.


Use Your Own Pictures or Teachers from your 6th Grade Teachers

Caption Attribution: “Created by <name>” or “Photo by <name>”

Open Clipart (Public Domain) 

Caption Attribution: Credit: OpenClipArt

PixaBay (Public Domain) *

Caption Attribution: Credit: PixaBay

Pexels (Public Domain) 

Caption Attribution: Credit: Pexels

Unsplash (Public Domain) *

Caption Attribution: Credit: Unsplash

Open Getty (Public Domain)

Caption Attribution: Credit: Open Content Getty

Not all photos are open on Getty – be sure you have checked “Open Content Images”

Photos for Class (Creative Commons)

Caption Attribution: None

Attribution: Keep the citation on the bottom of your picture.

Morgue File (Creative Commons)

Caption Attribution:  Photo by <photographer’s username> at

Link To (when adding media to your blog): Insert link to the image

Pixs4Learning (Copyright-Friendly)

Caption Attribution: Cut and paste the citation found when you save the image into the caption

Link To (when adding media to your blog): Insert link to the image


Compfight (Creative Commons) *

Attribution: This one has a few steps so I recommend checking out this blog post by Sue Waters at EduBlogs to find out how to attribute Compfight Images. She explains the steps with screenshots about how to add it your EduBlogs site – it is very helpful!

Sound Effect & Music

FreePlay Music (Free for Education)

Caption Attribution: <song name> by <composer name> at

CCMixer (Creative Commons)

Attribution: At the end of a post or a video, you need all three lines: 

Music “<title>” by <artisit>
Available at <add link to song>
Under CC BY license

This article has 14 websites for music.

This article has 55 sources for sound effects.

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