Get to Know Our New Bloggers – 2018-2019

Who makes up Ms. Mack’s 18-19 6th Grade Language Arts class? What makes us unique?

Check out some fun facts about our class below! (Click the red text to visit each student’s blog to find out more about them.)

We’d love to get to know more about you as well!  Leave us a comment with something that makes you unique. Be sure include a link to your blog so we can come to visit!

Who plays setter in volleyball?

Who plays the drums?

Who loves animals?

Who speaks a foreign language?

Who is obsessed with pandas?

Who has a sister?

Who loves ice cream?

Who likes to dance?

Who plays baseball?

Who likes to play the piano?

Fornite is a favorite of this student. And this one too!

Who loves theater?

Whose favorite sport is Lacrosse?

Who LOVES cows?

Which class member thinks Fortnite is dead?

Who plays field hockey?

Who is the youngest of three?

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