Celebrating Week 1 of SBC!

Week One of the Student Blogging Challenge encouraged us to let the world get to know us using our “About Me” pages. We learned about the importance of safety online and create avatars to use as virtual representations of ourselves on our blogs.

Some of us shared the interesting websites we used to create our avatars and some of us created additional avatars to help you get to know us better! Here are just some of the posts we created last week:

Wyatt’s About Me page was featured in the FlipGrid magazine this week! Check it out and while you’re there check out the other great posts/pages highlighted in the online magazine.

Leah and Chloe created Avatars for their families. Check them out!

Asha and Lexie’s About Me Pages of random facts really helps you get to know them.

The alphabet was used by PJ to let you know his likes and dislikes!

Poetry was the method of choice used by Dana and Siddharth to introduce themselves to the world.

More highlights to come…


A Better Look into the Class Blogroll (Guest Blog Post)

Enjoy this post from guest blogger, Lily! Here is her post encouraging you to learn more about our 2017-2018 class! Happy reading!

Are you bored and want to find a blog that you’d actually enjoy? Maybe the sidebar on my blog isn’t enough for you! Listed below is every student on my sidebar in my LA class, and I’ll give you a little glimpse into the bloggers.

Allison runs a lot and loves Pygmy Goats in pajamas.

Ava-Rose dances the night away and loves her cat.

Ben’s chickens are laying eggs, while he is trying to go fast on a Rubix Cube.

Cameron shoots hoops and is the next Kobe or Lebron.

Camille wants to travel to Germany and could keep reading Refugee.

Chloe likes telling stories and believes happiness is the key to life.

Claire-Louise wants to go to Los Angeles and finds neat words.

Claire loves books and is a member of Cabin Athena.

Jonathan goes crazy for Fortnite and enjoys time at the beach.

Jude loves gummies and would rather be on Mars.

Kenna is a total fashionista and listens to Todrick on the daily.

Kevin is a sucker for banana bread and writes poems about pain.

Kyla wants to go to Rome and Jamaica.

Lauren knows how to be a true friend and likes making DIY things.

Maddie is a fan of all things Supernatural and everything strange.

Quin loves his dog Nasher and enjoys time in the mountains.

I hope you have as much fun reading the blogs as I did when getting information for the post!


Celebrating Week 7 of SBC!

Week 7 of the SBC focused on Visting and Commenting on the blogs of others. Students received sage advice to write from the heart and to comment to get comments. But where did this advice lead the students this week? What types of posts did they create?

One student wrote about the power of comments, while another student wrote about the reality of writing comments.

Some students found inspiration in the posts of others, particularly from the photo week challenge from a few weeks ago. Check out these photo-centric posts on water and cacti.

Other students chose to write about topics they were interested in, finding that writing about topics they are passionate about is more enjoyable for them as a blogger and for their readers. Check out some of their posts:

From: Pixabay

Celebrating 6 Weeks of SBC!

Our class of 6th grade Language Arts students started the Spring Student Blogging Challenge (SBC) six weeks ago. Throughout the challenge, some blog posts written by students around the world have been featured in the SBC Flipboard magazine. As of today, our class has had 17 blog posts from 12 different student bloggers featured in the magazine – check them out but clicking on the link below! While there, check out some other blog posts and leave comments.

View the Student Blogging Challenge Flipboard Magazine.

Celebrating Week 3 of the Challenge!

Each day, we, as humans, are bombarded by media. Week 3 of the Student Blogging Challenge encouraged us to slow down and think about the creators of the media that fills our lives. Our class discussed Creative Commons, the importance of attributing our sources of media (and how to write those attributions), and reviewed a selection of Creative Commons image websites.

Our posts this week are as varied as the media we explored. Despite their variety, they had one common thread – include an image, video, or music in the post and properly attribute the source!

Where did our creativity take us?

Lily stopped to share about the Little Things in Life She Notices. 

Ava Rose started a Zoom post story – add your comment to continue to story she started with a picture!

Do you know how to turn a picture into a puzzle? Check out Allison’s post to learn how!

Ben reviewed some Creative Commons websites, do you agree or disagree with his assessments?

Jude and Quin wrote sentences using only pictures, add a comment if you think you know the meaning!

Learn more about our class. Who likes basketball? Who has the perfect ideas for a holiday from school? Which student loves to listen to music?

Celebrating Week 1 of the Challenge!

Our 6th-grade LA crew has been hard at work completing Week 1 of the 2018 Students Blogging Challenge! While we started blogging in September of this year, the challenge has really infused new life into our posts & pages! Check out some of their creations and leave them a comment:

The All About Me pages of Kyla, Camille, and Kevin got a makeover with an A-Z post!

Ava Rose found a word cloud site that actually works on the iPad, Word it Out, and used it to bring a little something extra to her All About Me page.

Wordle was Lily’s program of choice to let you know all about her and then her family went Sims!

Allison used Bitmoji to represent herself in her post Another Me.

Maddie created an avatar using Avatar Maker which inspired her Hello World Post – explore it to find out more about her!

Did you know Claire loves to read? She created avatars for her favorite books using Chibi Maker.

Haven’t gotten enough of avatars? Check out some of these unique avatar posts – Ava Rose’s My Bitmoji Hero and Kenna’s Drag Queen Avatars.

Ben introduces you to the world of sabre fencing. 

Lauren urges you to take up her favorite free choice activity – reading – by picking up one of these 5-star books!

The links to our class blogs can be found in the sidebar – check them out to learn more out our class. I can’t wait to see what else is created during this week’s challenge!

Do you have a post, page, or blog you’d like our class to check out? Leave it in the comments below!

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