Celebrating Week 1 of SBC!

Week One of the Student Blogging Challenge encouraged us to let the world get to know us using our “About Me” pages. We learned about the importance of safety online and create avatars to use as virtual representations of ourselves on our blogs.

Some of us shared the interesting websites we used to create our avatars and some of us created additional avatars to help you get to know us better! Here are just some of the posts we created last week:

Wyatt’s About Me page was featured in the FlipGrid magazine this week! Check it out and while you’re there check out the other great posts/pages highlighted in the online magazine.

Leah and Chloe created Avatars for their families. Check them out!

Asha and Lexie’s About Me Pages of random facts really helps you get to know them.

The alphabet was used by PJ to let you know his likes and dislikes!

Poetry was the method of choice used by Dana and Siddharth to introduce themselves to the world.

More highlights to come…


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