Celebrating Week 3 of the Challenge!

Each day, we, as humans, are bombarded by media. Week 3 of the Student Blogging Challenge encouraged us to slow down and think about the creators of the media that fills our lives. Our class discussed Creative Commons, the importance of attributing our sources of media (and how to write those attributions), and reviewed a selection of Creative Commons image websites.

Our posts this week are as varied as the media we explored. Despite their variety, they had one common thread – include an image, video, or music in the post and properly attribute the source!

Where did our creativity take us?

Lily stopped to share about the Little Things in Life She Notices. 

Ava Rose started a Zoom post story – add your comment to continue to story she started with a picture!

Do you know how to turn a picture into a puzzle? Check out Allison’s post to learn how!

Ben reviewed some Creative Commons websites, do you agree or disagree with his assessments?

Jude and Quin wrote sentences using only pictures, add a comment if you think you know the meaning!

Learn more about our class. Who likes basketball? Who has the perfect ideas for a holiday from school? Which student loves to listen to music?

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