DA Literary Magazine Challenge 1

ATTENTION Durham Academy Students:
The Creative Writing and Literary Magazine club is happy to announce its first writing challenge for the Spring 2018 issue. Use the following prompt to inspire your creativity, and email the result to Mrs. Howes by March 27. The winner will receive a small, ridiculous prize, automatic publication in The Locker, and the opportunity to read their work at a Community Meeting. So here is the first prompt:

Think of an abstract idea (like “joy,” “hunger,” or “stupidity”). Imagine that abstraction as a character. It can look like a person, an animal, or a creature of your own invention. Once you have the character in your head, set it in motion–make it DO something. For example, “Joy” might ride a bicycle, “Hunger” might go to the movies, or “Stupidity” might dig a hole. Tell the story of what happens, in the form of either writing or artwork.

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